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[closed] Codechef Api giving 5xx response

Codechef Api is giving 5xx responses almost everyday now.
I save the refresh token in my database and refresh my accessToken whenever it gets expired.

But when the server goes down and comes back up, I see the following error while refreshing token.

{"status":"error","result":{"errors":{"message":"Invalid refresh token","code":"invalid_grant"}}}

This only happens after your API gives 5xx for some time. Otherwise, I have tried refreshing it even every hour, it works fine. But after your API is down, it shows the above-mentioned error. The user gets log out because of this.

Please look into the matter.


asked 21 Sep, 13:55

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closed 30 Sep, 14:18

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Issue resolved." by abhijeetpandey 30 Sep, 14:18

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