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API Updates


25th Sep, 18.20 IST:

We have made following changes in "ranklist" API. These changes will allow users to fetch ranklist quickly:

  1. Previous possible "LIMIT" was "1 to 25" in one call, now there is a fixed limit of 1500.
  2. "OFFSET" starts from 0 and can be multiple of 1500. "ORDER BY" is set to "rank" and order is set to "ASC".
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asked 25 Sep '18, 18:38

hacker_ratty's gravatar image

5★hacker_ratty ♦♦
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wikified 25 Sep '18, 18:46

Hey! There is some issue with the new update in the ranklist. Earlier we were able to fetch the rankslist and it was functioning efficiently but after the update, the same piece of code is not fetching the desired data or to be specific is extracting data once in every 10 attempts. Kindly look into the problem.


answered 26 Sep '18, 01:34

piyush_karira's gravatar image

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Hi, can you share the exact problem you are facing ?

(26 Sep '18, 12:29) hacker_ratty ♦♦5★

Hi, Can you do same with "submissions" end point, it is taking hours to get all submission for a contest.

At max we can have 20 results.


answered 26 Sep '18, 01:34

pika_pika_pika's gravatar image

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@hacker_ratty this is the problem I am facing:
Suppose below is the data I receive from the API
{"status":"OK","result":{"data":{"content":[{"problemCode":"ORDERS","problemName":"Ordering the Soldiers","successfulSubmissions":692,"accuracy":8.856227623893},{"problemCode":"CHEFBOOK","problemName":"Chefbook","successfulSubmissions":38,"accuracy":30.939226519337},{"problemCode":"CONNECT","problemName":"Find a special connected block","successfulSubmissions":38,"accuracy":9.688013136289},{"problemCode":"WTHINGS","problemName":"Where the Wild Things Are","successfulSubmissions":38,"accuracy":22.330097087379},{"problemCode":"DIGFORST","problemName":"Digits Forest","successfulSubmissions":37,"accuracy":16.352201257862},{"problemCode":"DISTNUM2","problemName":"Easy Queries","successfulSubmissions":37,"accuracy":31.34328358209},{"problemCode":"SEGMENTQ","problemName":"Segment Queries","successfulSubmissions":37,"accuracy":17.543859649123},{"problemCode":"SEZ","problemName":"Special Economic Zone","successfulSubmissions":37,"accuracy":38.135593220339},{"problemCode":"AUTHEN","problemName":"Authentication Failed","successfulSubmissions":36,"accuracy":25},{"problemCode":"CNTHEX","problemName":"Counting Hexagons","successfulSubmissions":36,"accuracy":38.095238095238},{"problemCode":"FBCHEF","problemName":"Final Battle of Chef","successfulSubmissions":36,"accuracy":31},{"problemCode":"FSFSFS","problemName":"Factorial to Square","successfulSubmissions":36,"accuracy":40.579710144928},{"problemCode":"LCM","problemName":"Adding Least Common Multiples","successfulSubmissions":36,"accuracy":16.608996539792}],"code":9001,"message":"Problem List Successfully Fetched"}}}
When I apply json.loads()on the above data, I receive the output as statusresult but earlier applying json.loads()on the same data was giving me the appropriate dictionary.
Please help!


answered 26 Sep '18, 19:56

piyush_karira's gravatar image

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