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CodeChef : Virtual Contests are here !!!


Hi @all, We developed a webapp during Alibaba-Codechef API Hackathon, and we would like to present it to you.

This app lets you play Codechef contests in a Virtual manner, those who have played virtual contests on Codeforces would be aware about it.

The app link is -

Shamelessly copying description of Virtual Contest from Codeforces -

"Virtual Contests enable the users to run the past contests in a special mode that would imitate a real competition. It feels just like a real contest with real contestants competing alongside with the participant who plays a virtual contest.”

It will be very helpful for preparation of short contests. Few of the features are :

  • You can add Friends and see their separate ranklist during live virtual contest.
  • Several people can play virtual contest together and see each others ranking.
  • All COOKOFF's starting from COOK01 to recent COOK98A/B are available to play as virtual contest.
  • You can compare yourself with other people while virtual contest is in play.

Video Tutorial to Use WebApp : Video link (Just a short 12 min video, you can watch at 1.5x :P)

Slides for better understanding of App: Slides(We both are very poor in making slides, we apologize beforehand _/\_)

Note : Judgement result takes a while to reflect in standings as Codechef restricts no. of API requests in a min.(6 calls/min), just refresh the page in a while.

Hope this helps our community grow!!

Signing off !!

This was our first such project at this scale, bugs are inevitable, if you find any, please raise them here - Github Link

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