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Codechef Hackathon Submission - Codechef Mentor

Team Handle - we_love_you

Team Name - i_love_you

Team members - Chinmay Rakshit , Sandip Jana

App Name - Codechef Mentor

Key Features -

  • Sending mentor request
  • Accept request to mentor a codechef user
  • Private Chats / Public chats for acm , ioi , discussion
  • Save problem statement as pdf as well as print if connected to printer
  • A leaderboard for showing top rated mentors

Presentation Link -

Github Links -

backend github link

frontend link

Application Screenshots - screenshots

App-Demo : demo

Download the APK from here - apk

Note : The Mentor tab shows the list of mentors whom you have sent Mentor Request. Please search for a user from search tab and send them mentor request. If the status is pending on them it will show as pending and once they approve your request it will be reflected in your mentors list with options for one-on-one chat. Same is the case for Students tab.

Hence initially both the tabs are empty. Kindly send some requests to users and once they accept use the features. Refer to demo for help.

asked 02 Oct, 02:26

sandip_jana's gravatar image

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edited 03 Oct, 16:12

Cooool! Great Effort.


answered 02 Oct, 03:58

rohit_0801's gravatar image

accept rate: 10%

Thanks :) The sole purpose behind the application is to help codechef users reach out for the best mentors for themselves

(02 Oct, 12:41) sandip_jana4★

Great idea!! Hope codechef team appreciate your idea and implement this idea in the real scenario. It will help new programmers to get quick help and right guidance without wasting their time.


answered 07 Oct, 13:59

servesh_196's gravatar image

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Don't get me wrong but I think there is no point of having a personal mentor in competitive programming. You just learn things yourself and its always better that way than having some mentor to tell us what to do. Also, the community we have on CodeChef discuss and on codeforces is great. So if you get stuck just ask on either of them rather than personally asking someone. It's just my feedback :)

Full marks for the efforts though, now CodeChef will soon have an app on Android I think ;)


answered 09 Oct, 22:18

sweta_sinha's gravatar image

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Thanks, sweta for your feedback, we want to share our motivation behind this project. Back in our college days, when we started competitive programming, we started all by ourself but after a while when we jumped to advance algorithms, we found it difficult to understand and solve such problems. We tried solving practice problems, we tried to post questions in discussion forum but most of the time our questions were left unattended.

(11 Oct, 10:20) sandip_jana4★

Then we decided to take help from our seniors and within few weeks we started to understand the concepts much clearly.The best part was we could ask questions directly and our doubts were getting clear much faster.

We implemented a solution what we felt that most of the codechef users might be facing, by providing a platform to chat directly with mentors. It was much more than a hackathon for us. We tried to build that we needed back in our college days. :)

(11 Oct, 10:26) sandip_jana4★

Nice concept of mentors. I can already see the improvement that this application can bring in learning concepts and doubt clearance.


answered 17 Oct, 15:48

dodobhoot's gravatar image

accept rate: 20%

Great innovative ideas about the concept of mentor-student. Good work ppl


answered 03 Oct, 22:40

shubhamkr17's gravatar image

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Thank you :)

(05 Oct, 11:35) sandip_jana4★
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