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Unable to fetch problem statement


We are facing Problem in fetching Problem Body(Statement) using the API.

According to Documentation here

Using API end point -


We can get details of a problem, like sourceSizeLimit, maxTimeLimit , body(problem statement) etc. but it seems like now we are unable to fetch body (problem statement), the API returns a empty string.

Please look into this issue, other data like maxTimeLimit , problemName are being fetched perfectly fine.

An example of details for problem code 'KNIGHTS' and contest code 'COOK04' returns

{'status': 'OK', 'result': {'data': {'content': {'problemCode': 'KNIGHTS', 'problemName': 'N Knights Problem', 'dateAdded': '2010-11-09', 'languagesSupported': ['C++ 6.3', 'PAS gpc', 'PERL', 'PYTH', 'FORT', 'WSPC', 'ADA', 'CAML', 'ICK', 'JAVA', 'C', 'BF', 'ASM', 'CLPS', 'PRLG', 'ICON', 'RUBY', 'SCM qobi', 'PIKE', 'D', 'HASK', 'PAS fpc', 'ST', 'NICE', 'LUA', 'C#', 'BASH', 'PHP', 'NEM', 'LISP sbcl', 'LISP clisp', 'SCM guile', 'C99 strict', 'JS', 'ERL', 'SCALA', 'C++ 4.3.2', 'C++14', 'NODEJS', 'DOC', 'PDF', 'PS', 'TEXT', 'PYPY3', 'GO', 'PYTH 3.6'], 'sourceSizeLimit': 50000, 'maxTimeLimit': 0, 'challengeType': 'binary', 'author': 'david_adm', 'successfulSubmissions': 42, 'totalSubmissions': 73, 'partialSubmissions': 0, 'tags': ['cook04', 'medium'], 'body': '', 'user': 'v_ns'}, 'code': 9001, 'message': 'Contest Problem Successfully fetched'}}}

Notice that body returns nothing.

Though it was working fine , until some days ago.

Please look into this matter @hacker_ratty , @skbly7 , @shivangi_gupta

asked 28 Oct, 15:45

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edited 28 Oct, 15:46

@abhijeetpandey Please look into this issue.


answered 28 Oct, 16:40

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